Served With a side of jasmine white rice (Jasmine Brown rice +$2)

Please indicate your preferred spice level when ordering:


(Double Thai Hot and Triple Thai Hot are available upon request)

Unfortunately, We CANNOT Take back orders if the dish is too spicy for you

Shrimps & Scallop Lobster Sauce $18
Wok Shrimp & Scallop with onion, scallion, celery, pea carrot and red bell pepper in The House Lobster Sauce.

Spicy Eggplant $18
Stir fried ground Chicken & Shrimp with eggplant,

red bell pepper and Basil in soy bean chili sauce.

Osha Salmon Curry $18

Grilled Salmon fillet in a Osha House red curry sauce.

Crab fried Rice $18
Wok jasmine rice with egg, onion, scallion and crab meat.

Duck Curry $18 
Boneless Duck Breast with pineapple, grape tomato, red bell pepper, and basil in the Red Curry Sauce on bed of shredded cabbage.

Basil Duck $18
Wok Duck Breast with green bean, onion, carrot , basil and

red bell in house garlic basil sauce

*Please inform your server for any food allergies.

*All substations and special orders are subject to additional charges

NO Refunds

*Some items may not be available at time due to season

* We do not use MSG